Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What I Like About Photographs Is That They Capture A Moment Thats Gone Forever, Impossible To Reproduce.

I've decided to do an Instagram post.
In the past I've heard people go on about how dull they are, and how people fail to see the point in them... Well, with an attitude like that, what's the point of having Instagram at all? Surely the whole idea is to show people what you've been up to and the pictures you've taken while doing it.
Anyway, I LIKE THEM. So there :) I love nosing at what people have been up to and I especially love a good instagram. (My best friend's fail safe of getting me to go places with her is now "You can Instagram it!" haha)
If you fall into the demographic of instagram-blog-post haters, I suggest you depart now, you have been warned!

 Last weekend we went to Northallerton for some late lunch. We hadn't realised it, but there was a Beer Fest going on which had a Continental Market attached to it. They had an amazing stall with bowls upon bowls of Turkish Delight, Olives and Pastries like Baklava which I absolutely love! I also bought some macaroons whilst I was there which I've never had before but always wanted to try. They're delicious! Will definitely be buying some again.

I found the beautiful blue velvet shoes in Topshop. I don't usually go for velvetty things (I'm not keen on the feel of them) but these were just so gorgeous with their sparkly heel and platform. They were £75.

Me and Morag also found those rather fetching police headbands out shopping. Aren't they attractive! Haha!

Obviously there's another photo of my beautiful Bobby sleeping on the sofa. She looks quite big there but she's still only a kitten. So cute!

We have finally been re-visiting our beloved Tea House this week! Now that the Autumn months are creeping in and the temperature is dropping we've really felt the need for some nice warming tea! On that day we had an array of Fairy Princess Tea, Spiced Orange Chai Tea, and Rose Bud Tea, all of which were delicious!

The top right is a photo I took at Rushpool Hall. We visit it regularly and I actually had my 18th Birthday there years ago so it has some lovely memories for me.

I've been having some more Autumnal walks which I really enjoy. I love it when the ground is crisp and crunches under your feet!

Has anyone tried the new Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks? I bought my first one at the beginning of last week and didn't know what to expect... I'm now on about my fifth, so you can assume I loved it! It's very seasonal and warms you up on a chilly day!

We had a lovely meal at Pizza Express the other weekend and my favourite bit was definitely dessert. I had the Semi Freddo Reale and a Tia Maria coffee. Delicious!

This weekend we went to York for a big surprise birthday celebration, which was great fun (and, amazingly, all came together in the end!) we had a gorgeous meal at Rustique, a small French restaurant on Castlegate. There was a Kinky Donuts stall (that made me giggle), the York Eye, and of course a Hotel Chocolat, where I couldn't resist getting some goodies!

Then after arriving home on Sunday evening, my best friend asked if I fancied a trip to the beach (she used the old Instagram line) so I got a lovely photo of the pier all lit up at Saltburn.

So there you have it, my fortnight in Instagrams! I hope you liked it and it wasn't too "dull" :)
What have you been doing lately? And how are you liking the Autumn coming upon us?

Take care, Lots of Love, Taz x