Thursday, 19 June 2014

All White Everything

Shoes - New Look £29.99 / Blazer - Topshop £65 / Satchel - PS1 £205 / Watch - Olivia Burton London £72 / Elephant teapot - BIA £13.25 / Bedroom furniture - various, not priced

Afternoon all! 
The idea is to make these posts shorter and more frequent now, rather than the length of a dissertation and with an average of 1.7 years between them.

Anyway, at the moment and because of our new situation I'm rearranging / decorating my room and I've noticed a change. The last time I had the chance to take total control over decorating a room was when I moved into a big city terrace with ceilings so high I could've leapt into passing planes (this may be an exaggeration) and a floorspace to die for (this may also be an exaggeration), anyway my point is that it was so big a bedroom that I was able to channel my deepest adoration for Moroccan design and adorn it in deep reds and purples, have (faux) fur rugs and hang sweeping taffeta from that mile high ceiling.

BUT, my accommodation now is a little more humble, and for this reason I've been finding myself drawn to white furniture and accessories. It just makes the whole room seem bigger and I love how fresh it feels.

In my searching I found these items which I absolutely love! The blazer is from Topshop and that and the bag would just look so good in the sunshine we've finally been getting. I'm always tentative when it comes to white shoes... call me old fashioned but someone mentions white stilettos and I shriek with images in my head of some 70s lady of thine boardwalk, but these platform lace heels from New Look have converted me! Imagine the look of them with a summer tan - divine.

I am in love with the Olivia Burton watch, she does so many pretty designs but this monotone hummingbird has to be my favourite. Finally, who cannot adore that teapot? Not only is the elephant adorable but the design of the thing is so beautiful!

Do you have any white favourites? Tell me about them below!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Looking For Inspiration...

 It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.

Preach, sister Bridget!
Never was a truer word spoken. It's been a rocky road for a while with me, not really having my direction planned, flitting from one "raison d'ĂȘtre" to the next, but finally things had started to piece together. I found an amazing guy who is everything I need him to be (insert eye-rolls and gagging noises from my old kind - the romancynicals), I was actually enjoying the last few weeks of uni... I know, right? And I was looking forward to my final summer of "freedom" before I had to bite the bullet and commit to some form of career path!

Without going into unnecessary detail and sympathy harvesting; the bottom fell out of my world last month and everything has been turned on its head. I used to hate when people would say "you find out in times of need who your real friends are" ... I thought they were being melodramatic and pessimistic for the sake of it, but they're right!

I'm fully aware of how self satisfying it is for me to complain on here passively about things but I'm not saying it to get a reaction, it's actually making me think about the positive stuff I've got from this.

I DO know who my real friends are, and they have been amazing through all of it. People have been texting, calling, bringing flowers and just generally understanding we all need as much support as we can get at the moment. I can't get to the end of a post about this without mentioning my best friend, who has always been on hand with pizza, little trips out & general taking my mind off it-ness!
And obviously the boy, who's listened every day to my moaning and blubbing. He's a good one.

Anyway, my point is that I have time on my hands now that I REALLY need a focus of my attention for! (Shocking grammar; forgive me) so I've decided that, between finishing assignments for uni, I'll try and get back into blogging.
I would really appreciate any suggestions for what I could post about, so if you have any please post them below or email me on

If you've got this far through the drudge then thanks for reading my ramblings!
Take care, lots of love, Taz x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Autumn Instagram Post

Evening All :)

Thought I would do another Instagram post as they seem to go down pretty well and it's the easiest way to show you all what I've been up to this Autumn.
As usual, if you find this kind of post boring that's fine, if you don't read it I won't hold it against you... Much ;)

As you may have caught on, I love Autumn. Especially the colours and the leaves turning as you can see. I've been loving the colder weather, even the horrible rainy evenings, and the fact the nights are drawing in earlier since the clocks went back.
Although driving home in the dark and wet can be miserable, getting in to the warm is lovely.
I've been making the most of the chill by warming up with lots of cuppas in front of the telly, made better by the now-justified duvet dvd nights. Of course there is the obligatory Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte shot. I genuinely couldn't care less how common and stereotypical this is I LIKE THEM, OK?! ;)
I went to Yarm Fair for the first time since I was still at school, I was dragged along by my friend but I have to admit we had a great time, hooking ducks and eating candy floss until my teeth started to cry.

Another drink I've become rapidly obsessed with is the Hot Spiced Apple from Costa (yes, I'm cheating on the 'bucks, just don't tell them) its so tasty and smells AMAZING! It's a little on the sweet side but also quite tangy which I think balances it out. Let me know if you have/do give it a try!
I carved my pumpkin at stupid o'clock with no plan and winged it, which is why it was no where near up to the standard of last year's!
I also want a Degu. If any of you have one and can tell me the general Degu rules (how friendly they are, if they make good pets, etc) I'd be very appreciative! This one was just so cute in the shop and came running up to the bars to see me (I am fully aware he probably just thought I had food. Sad face.)
The 'selfie' (god I hate that word) was from girls night and I LOVE my new top!
And finally, I made some Gingerbread and Vanilla Whoopie Pies for Bonfire Night last night. I'd never made them before and didn't really know what I was doing but they turned out great! And SO yummy! I'd love to make them again but I'm not sure if, knowing how much icing sugar and butter went into that frosting, my conscience will ever let me.

Hope you are all enjoying your Autumn and aren't rushing head-on into Christmas just yet!

I'll be posting again this week about something I feel quite strongly about (not really like me, I know!) so keep a look out for that :)

Until then, take care. Lots of love, Taz x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Seasons Change And So Do We.

I can’t wait for Autumn.

Okay so here’s the thing…
I hate summer.
It’s a bold statement to make, I know, but every year I fall into the trap of expectation, and every year I’m left with the disappointing reality.

Expectation – hot days, hot nights, hot sun… at all times!
Reality – a few sunbathe-worthy days. Granted, this year we seemed to get a good spell of heat, and you could almost plan something for the week ahead with the guarantee of good weather… almost. But then the torrential downpours arrived. And the pointlessly boiling days when the sun barely made an appearance.

Expectation – We were going to make like the summer tumblr tag, and do the things those moronic smiling beach babes were doing. So you packed things for a BBQ didn’t you, and headed optimistically for the beach! Woooo!
Reality - Where you got sand on everything, mainly the food. And got approximately 30minutes of relaxation before you were almost mauled by a passing Rottweiler and were serenaded by the sweet sounds of the Jeremy Kyle rejects sitting 20yards away with their white shite-ning.

Expectation – beach body, bikini body, babelicious beauty bellyless body.
Reality – I should have that cake… because it’s SUMMER. Logic – fail, body – frumpy, cake – goooood!

Okay so maybe I’m being unfair. Maybe I’m just having a moan for the sake of it. But I’m allowed, I don’t enjoy summer, and I don’t care who knows it. It’s uncomfortable, it drags, it makes you notice almost all the things about your body that you loathe, and most of all… it never lives up to expectation.

Unlike Autumn.

Autumn doesn’t pretend to be your friend. Autumn is upfront and honest.
“Look, I’m mostly gonna be wet and miserable. You’re gonna be cold, you’re gonna never want to leave your bed, and you’re gonna get little to no direct sunlight. BUT, you’ll start to ADORE the little things.”
So yeah, your shopping trip is going to be dire. Your primark bag is going to get soggy and fall apart and you’re going to end up on a bus, wet to your skin clutching your new purchases to your chest like a life jacket on the titanic… but when you finally arrive home looking like stig of the dump, imagine how wonderful everything will be. Making a cup of tea, putting your pyjamas on (coz it’s dark outside, you’re allowed!) sticking the fire on and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary with some chocolate and slippersocks. BLISS!

So yes, Autumn is a bit glum, a bit dreary… but at least it isn’t lying, cheating, fill-you-with-hopes-&-expectation-then-dash-it-all Summer!

I rest my case.

(I’ll be doing a follow up post about things to look forward to in Autumn soon)

Until then, take care. Taz x

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Attic's 'Rafters Jewellery' Is Open For Business!

Hello all!

Terribly exciting news! Talulah's Attic is now opening Rafters Jewellery!

A modest collection of unique costume jewellery is available to you lovely people at bargain prices.

All pieces are brand new and very distinctive.

In this post I will show just a few items, to test the waters and see how much interest there is before posting the whole collection.

Tribal Spike Ring - £4

Cross Drop Earrings - £3

Bronze Crocodile Ring - £4

Skull, Crown & Rhinestone Necklace - £4 
(please note: centre stone available in Red/Blue)

White Crystal Studs - £2

If you would like to purchase any of the items above, please leave a comment below or email;

Delivery costs £1.50 for one item, but only 50p per additional item.

It would mean the world to me if you would share the link to this post with your followers and try and help make the Rafters reach as far as possible!

Thank you my lovelies!

Take care, Taz x

Thursday, 11 April 2013

“The Most Beautiful Make Up Of A Woman Is Passion. But Cosmetics Are Easier To Buy.” - Yves Saint-Laurent

I don't know about you, but I have an absolute nightmare when it comes to finding a make up brand I can commit to. It seems like every time I find a type of foundation that I love, it goes a little like this;

it's perfect for me
how did I ever live without this in my life??
actually it's a bit dry
its the wrong colour really
oh god I look HIDEOUS!

and this isn't just foundation, it's every piece of make up I own. I have my staple favourites (naturally, these are the ones that I usually have to take out a mortgage to buy) but my daily wear make up bag changes constantly. I've decided to stop wasting my money on trying every new cosmetic item that gets released and instead focus on trying to find the right shades and 'types' (do I want creams, mousses, powders?) of make up to suit my face.

I've never ordered from the Make Up Academy before but a lovely Twitter friend of mine told me about a sale they had on, so I went for it and bought a few items, just to try different things out.

For my base I got these items;

Matte Perfect Foundation in Fair - BB All in One Beauty Balm in Light Rose - Matte Perfect Primer - Matte Perfect Loose Powder in Translucent - Blusher in Shade 4

I haven't used a BB cream yet and thought I should give it a go considering all the hype about it. The foundation is nice and smooth and the colour isn't too bold but also isn't pale enough to wash me out.

For my eyes;
Pearl Eye Shadows in Shade 11 (a muted bronze) & Shade 15 (metallic dark grey) - Eye Dust in Shade 5 - 3 in 1 Extreme Contour Liner in Black Shade 1 - Glam Textured Lashes

For my lips;
Sheer Finish Lipgloss in Just Incase - Lipstick in Juicy & Bare - Kiss Proof Lip Stain in Fabulicious

I really wanted to try a lip stain as I hate the 'clarty' feel of more intense lipsticks but you don't always want a gloss. I decided to try this one out just to see if stains appeal to me.

Finally, for my nails I got;
Nail Polish in All Nude & Pistachio Ice Cream

I've seen a few posts about these calm pastel colours and at £1 each they were definitely worth a try!

Overall It only cost around £30 (about the price of one of those pricey foundations) and I have a lot of new items to play with. 

Has anyone else bought regularly from Makeup Academy? What are your favourite items?

Lots of love, Taz x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Afternoon Tea And Wandering In The Snow

Okay, no excuses or apologies for my absense. I'm back now, so let us not dwell!

Just a VERY quick post tonight to tell you about my weekend.

Since Christmas and New Year has been over and done with I've been trying to keep to a very strict diet, and it's working wonders, but the fact is I LOVE CAKE. One of the things me and my mum do to have a really good chat is go for afternoon tea so, as a treat, we went over to Crathorne Hall on Saturday and indulged!

It was so delicious, the best part being the miniature Black Forest Gateux and a White Chocolate Ganache Tiffin.
Afterwards we put our walking boots on and went for a walk around the grounds. There was about a foot of snow in parts and I ended up with snow in places I can't even talk about.

It was a lovely day and we did it just in time as by this morning all the snow had disappeared!

Have you been enjoying the snow, or are you glad it's all over with? Let me know about your perfect Afternoon Tea treat in the comments below!

Until next time, take care, lots of love Taz x