Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Wow it's been forever since my last post. I'm going to assume a lot has happened since it's been so long so I'll try and remember as much as poss! Well... I got my ears pierced, after 21 years of not really being bothered about it. I expected it to really hurt but I didn't feel a thing! Not during or after. I've still got about 3 weeks before I can change them but I'm buying earrings now like no ones business! 
I also cut and dyed my hair. I got about 5 inches taken off (yikes!) and dyed it "Passion Red"!

I've been spending an astronomical amount of money... Naughty naughty. I think it's the whole 'after christmas' period where everything's on offer and you're looking for fresh things for your fresh start. Although I'm now not allowed to spend any more money this month! I've been back to my usual haunts (tea house, roots, dalton park etc) numerous times recently and I think they're probably a big factor in my spending! We also got the snow at the beginning of feb. 

Which, as anyone living in this country knows, means the whole of Great Britain shuts down at the sign of the first snowflake. It wasn't so bad this year though and although very pretty it didn't impact too much.

On the 14th me and my Uni friends went out for Emma's birthday and brought her presents & valentines things! I took along some party bags like we were 9 again... complete with balloons!

I've started using Graze and LoveFilm. Graze is brilliant because they send me a box each week which contains four pots of snacks, they're specially selected to have the best nutritious value and they really do fill you up. 

LoveFilm is excellent as well, a few friends had tried it before but, back in my darker days of DVD buying obsession, it had never appealed to me. However, now I'm a recovering addict (lol) it's really good. A few times there have been films I was going to go out and buy but instead got them from LoveFilm... And I'm so glad I didn't waste my money! One DVD was £10 which actually amounts to a whole month of my film subscription and therefore unlimited movies through the post and online!
Other than that things have been trundling along as usual... I'll do a purchases post soon to show you some of the lovely stuff I've got (including about 7 more Yankee Candles.. Oops) 

In the mean time, take care of yourselves. Lots of love, Taz x


  1. I posted a comment on here yesterday saying POST!! Or something to that effect, I don't think it published though #PsychicBestest Rach xx

    1. Haha as if!
      I must have received it telekinetically... like that's a word :)