Sunday, 27 January 2013

Afternoon Tea And Wandering In The Snow

Okay, no excuses or apologies for my absense. I'm back now, so let us not dwell!

Just a VERY quick post tonight to tell you about my weekend.

Since Christmas and New Year has been over and done with I've been trying to keep to a very strict diet, and it's working wonders, but the fact is I LOVE CAKE. One of the things me and my mum do to have a really good chat is go for afternoon tea so, as a treat, we went over to Crathorne Hall on Saturday and indulged!

It was so delicious, the best part being the miniature Black Forest Gateux and a White Chocolate Ganache Tiffin.
Afterwards we put our walking boots on and went for a walk around the grounds. There was about a foot of snow in parts and I ended up with snow in places I can't even talk about.

It was a lovely day and we did it just in time as by this morning all the snow had disappeared!

Have you been enjoying the snow, or are you glad it's all over with? Let me know about your perfect Afternoon Tea treat in the comments below!

Until next time, take care, lots of love Taz x

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