Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fresh, Fun, Cutting Edge Designs That Can't Be Found On The High Street

Hi guys.
I can't say how sorry I am that I haven't posted in so long! I'm the worst blogger in the world! But I will try to make it up to you from now on.

A while back I bought a few items from Punky Pins. They're an online company who do all kinds of wonderful stuff specialising in kitsch, handmade and personalised jewellery.
Anyone who watched The Voice a couple of weeks back, Ruth Brown was adorned in their amazing creations.

I buy from them regularly and am always impressed with their quality and just LOVE the items they offer. 

Here's what I got this time round...

I love this Sugar Skull Ring, it's adjustable so one size fits all! The colours really are as striking as they look in the photo and it goes with just about everything.

The Sausage Dog 2 Finger Ring. How can anyone not love this?! It's so cute and also comes in Maroon or Brown as well as this Black.

Love & Hate Hearts Brooches.

Mini Mix Tape Necklace. Again, this is available in a whole range of colours.

Pop Art Banana Earrings. Available in 7 different colours.

Always Tattoo Necklace. This is my favourite item. I love all the tattoo design stuff, but the colours and details in this one are so nice! Anyone who knows me knows I am completely obsessed with Ed Hardy stuff, so this is really my kinda thing.

And finally, my personalised necklace. I adore this! They have so many different styles to choose from and they'll put any name on there for you. Ideal as a piece of statement jewellery, or get a friend's name put on there as a gift? 
You can even get Twitter ones with your @ name on there, so when that cute boy is checking you out but you're both too shy to make the first move, he'll have all the appropriate details to chat you up online later!

So that's what I got and I already have my eye on something else. Sadly, I can't justify another necklace at the moment, especially after buying this lot! But I'll show you it off the website...

Isn't it THE BEST?! 
Even better, the little stars in there move around... 
My biggest worry is that it will sell out.
Should I just buy it to avoid disappointment? Or be really good and save my money?!

 Anyway, wanted to share this beautiful stuff with you, and hopefully encourage you to go check it out yourself (but if you all go on and sell out my snowglobe necklace, there will be hell on! Haha!)

Lots of Love, Taz x


  1. Is that a blatent hint for your birthday there baz? :P xx

  2. haha it is now! good thinking batman ;) xx

  3. I would have but i already found your present, hopefully you'll like it jsut as much as this!xx

  4. Woow that sausage dog ring is adorable!
    I may have to have a cheeky spend-up! x

    1. its so cute isnt it!
      they have some amazing sale stuff on there at the mo too,
      :) x

  5. The stars move around, huh? Wow. I love that. I also love what you bought, so I'm afraid to write that you should buy something else! LOL! x