Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Seasons Change And So Do We.

I can’t wait for Autumn.

Okay so here’s the thing…
I hate summer.
It’s a bold statement to make, I know, but every year I fall into the trap of expectation, and every year I’m left with the disappointing reality.

Expectation – hot days, hot nights, hot sun… at all times!
Reality – a few sunbathe-worthy days. Granted, this year we seemed to get a good spell of heat, and you could almost plan something for the week ahead with the guarantee of good weather… almost. But then the torrential downpours arrived. And the pointlessly boiling days when the sun barely made an appearance.

Expectation – We were going to make like the summer tumblr tag, and do the things those moronic smiling beach babes were doing. So you packed things for a BBQ didn’t you, and headed optimistically for the beach! Woooo!
Reality - Where you got sand on everything, mainly the food. And got approximately 30minutes of relaxation before you were almost mauled by a passing Rottweiler and were serenaded by the sweet sounds of the Jeremy Kyle rejects sitting 20yards away with their white shite-ning.

Expectation – beach body, bikini body, babelicious beauty bellyless body.
Reality – I should have that cake… because it’s SUMMER. Logic – fail, body – frumpy, cake – goooood!

Okay so maybe I’m being unfair. Maybe I’m just having a moan for the sake of it. But I’m allowed, I don’t enjoy summer, and I don’t care who knows it. It’s uncomfortable, it drags, it makes you notice almost all the things about your body that you loathe, and most of all… it never lives up to expectation.

Unlike Autumn.

Autumn doesn’t pretend to be your friend. Autumn is upfront and honest.
“Look, I’m mostly gonna be wet and miserable. You’re gonna be cold, you’re gonna never want to leave your bed, and you’re gonna get little to no direct sunlight. BUT, you’ll start to ADORE the little things.”
So yeah, your shopping trip is going to be dire. Your primark bag is going to get soggy and fall apart and you’re going to end up on a bus, wet to your skin clutching your new purchases to your chest like a life jacket on the titanic… but when you finally arrive home looking like stig of the dump, imagine how wonderful everything will be. Making a cup of tea, putting your pyjamas on (coz it’s dark outside, you’re allowed!) sticking the fire on and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary with some chocolate and slippersocks. BLISS!

So yes, Autumn is a bit glum, a bit dreary… but at least it isn’t lying, cheating, fill-you-with-hopes-&-expectation-then-dash-it-all Summer!

I rest my case.

(I’ll be doing a follow up post about things to look forward to in Autumn soon)

Until then, take care. Taz x

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