Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Autumn Instagram Post

Evening All :)

Thought I would do another Instagram post as they seem to go down pretty well and it's the easiest way to show you all what I've been up to this Autumn.
As usual, if you find this kind of post boring that's fine, if you don't read it I won't hold it against you... Much ;)

As you may have caught on, I love Autumn. Especially the colours and the leaves turning as you can see. I've been loving the colder weather, even the horrible rainy evenings, and the fact the nights are drawing in earlier since the clocks went back.
Although driving home in the dark and wet can be miserable, getting in to the warm is lovely.
I've been making the most of the chill by warming up with lots of cuppas in front of the telly, made better by the now-justified duvet dvd nights. Of course there is the obligatory Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte shot. I genuinely couldn't care less how common and stereotypical this is I LIKE THEM, OK?! ;)
I went to Yarm Fair for the first time since I was still at school, I was dragged along by my friend but I have to admit we had a great time, hooking ducks and eating candy floss until my teeth started to cry.

Another drink I've become rapidly obsessed with is the Hot Spiced Apple from Costa (yes, I'm cheating on the 'bucks, just don't tell them) its so tasty and smells AMAZING! It's a little on the sweet side but also quite tangy which I think balances it out. Let me know if you have/do give it a try!
I carved my pumpkin at stupid o'clock with no plan and winged it, which is why it was no where near up to the standard of last year's!
I also want a Degu. If any of you have one and can tell me the general Degu rules (how friendly they are, if they make good pets, etc) I'd be very appreciative! This one was just so cute in the shop and came running up to the bars to see me (I am fully aware he probably just thought I had food. Sad face.)
The 'selfie' (god I hate that word) was from girls night and I LOVE my new top!
And finally, I made some Gingerbread and Vanilla Whoopie Pies for Bonfire Night last night. I'd never made them before and didn't really know what I was doing but they turned out great! And SO yummy! I'd love to make them again but I'm not sure if, knowing how much icing sugar and butter went into that frosting, my conscience will ever let me.

Hope you are all enjoying your Autumn and aren't rushing head-on into Christmas just yet!

I'll be posting again this week about something I feel quite strongly about (not really like me, I know!) so keep a look out for that :)

Until then, take care. Lots of love, Taz x