Thursday, 19 June 2014

All White Everything

Shoes - New Look £29.99 / Blazer - Topshop £65 / Satchel - PS1 £205 / Watch - Olivia Burton London £72 / Elephant teapot - BIA £13.25 / Bedroom furniture - various, not priced

Afternoon all! 
The idea is to make these posts shorter and more frequent now, rather than the length of a dissertation and with an average of 1.7 years between them.

Anyway, at the moment and because of our new situation I'm rearranging / decorating my room and I've noticed a change. The last time I had the chance to take total control over decorating a room was when I moved into a big city terrace with ceilings so high I could've leapt into passing planes (this may be an exaggeration) and a floorspace to die for (this may also be an exaggeration), anyway my point is that it was so big a bedroom that I was able to channel my deepest adoration for Moroccan design and adorn it in deep reds and purples, have (faux) fur rugs and hang sweeping taffeta from that mile high ceiling.

BUT, my accommodation now is a little more humble, and for this reason I've been finding myself drawn to white furniture and accessories. It just makes the whole room seem bigger and I love how fresh it feels.

In my searching I found these items which I absolutely love! The blazer is from Topshop and that and the bag would just look so good in the sunshine we've finally been getting. I'm always tentative when it comes to white shoes... call me old fashioned but someone mentions white stilettos and I shriek with images in my head of some 70s lady of thine boardwalk, but these platform lace heels from New Look have converted me! Imagine the look of them with a summer tan - divine.

I am in love with the Olivia Burton watch, she does so many pretty designs but this monotone hummingbird has to be my favourite. Finally, who cannot adore that teapot? Not only is the elephant adorable but the design of the thing is so beautiful!

Do you have any white favourites? Tell me about them below!

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  1. I love elephants and I love tea so naturally my favourite item is the elephant teapot!

    Hayley-Eszti |