Thursday, 8 March 2012

If The Power Of The World Were Put Into One Scale, And The Love Of My Mother In The Other, The Whole World Would Kick The Beam.

Hi all. 

I spent the back end of last week in Durham on a girly weekend that my mum organised to surprise me! She's the absolute best and I had a fantastic time. 

On Sunday we got to our hotel (an amazing gothic town house) and unpacked, then grabbed a taxi into the city. We wandered round a bit to see what there was, I got some gorgeous pictures of the river & castle, and did a bit of shopping (I got a new denim jacket) then in the evening we had the meal of our lives at Cafe Rouge, it really was delicious.

On Monday we went to the castle and cathedral. The castle is actually part of Durham Uni and their halls of residence. I can't imagine being able to call a castle my home! Super jealous! The cathedral is stunning. I'd only ever seen the outside before and that was at 4 in the morning on a spontaneous late night (early morning) roadtrip with some Uni friends. Even if you're not religious the architecture is just amazing and it did take my breath away for moment :)

We did a little more culture vulturing before heading back and the weather was gorgeous! 
I hope you've had the sun where you are. 

Unfortunately I returned home after only 3hrs sleep to a presentation the very next morning and a case study of the BBC the day after but now they're out the way I'm feeling much more relaxed! 

I think we're heading back to Durham in a couple of weeks because my gorgeous best friends got us a champagne afternoon tea at Mount Oswald Manor so will be living the high life yet again. 
I hope you're all having a lovely week and I'll post again soon.

Lots of Love, Taz x

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