Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sally The Camel Had Two Humps...

Sloe Gin, aztec spice chocolates, and a camel...

Well, I was supposed to stay home and clear my room ready for redecorating, which in itself is an epic task and most likely to take weeks, so naturally... I went out.

Luckily for me, the mother was also avoiding the same task so we decided to drive aimlessly around for procrastinations sake.

After filling up as much time as possible exploring the countryside for castles and stately homes (yes, that's literally how we spend our lives) we ended up at a farm shop off one of the main roads.

Driving down the driveway to the shop we were admiring all the cute calfs. We were so busy discussing how cute and fluffy they were (think "it's so fluffy im gonna die!") that we didn't even notice the eight foot - two humped - eff off CAMEL that was in the opposite field.

I'm not even playing with you.
It was a camel... In the middle of County Durham.

(For those playing the "pics or it didn't happen")...

Anyway, just when my day couldn't get better - went into the shop to find they have a WALL of alcohol.

Now I know not all of us are fully acquainted yet but, simply put, there are three things in this world that I have an integrated magnetic pull towards...
Jason Momoa
(and not necessarily in that order)

Long story short I walked away with 6 bottles of bizarre flavoured liquer, some apple wine, aztec spiced chocolates (I can only assume they taste of that well-known flavour 'Ancient Civilisation'..?) and numerous photographs of a 2500miles lost camel.

Welcome to my life! :)

Take care, lots of love, Taz x


  1. haha aztec spiced chocolates?? That camel has the hugest humps I've ever seen!
    Island Girl Insights ♥

    1. yeah i still havent tried them to see what they taste like!
      Haha, I know!