Sunday, 15 January 2012

Have A Little Faith There's Magic In The Night, You Aint A Beauty But Hey Youre Alright

I had such a busy full day yesterday. First we had to go to some of the Asian shops in one of the villages to get some fabrics so I took some photos. I love the stuff they sell in there because everything is so bright and beautifully decorated.

 We came away with some gorgeous green embroidered material which is covered in green sequin flowers and gold thread. So lovely!

Later we went to the beach front for some lunch and then on to Dalton Park which is a big retail outlet. I bought some lovely stuff which I'll post about after this.

I've started making my way through our classics collection at home. We have about five huge bookshelves around our house and they're all crammed full so I need to get reading!

I picked out 'A Tale of Two Cities' by Charles Dickens because it's one of his that I haven't read yet. I also wanted to refresh my memory on Nicholas Nickleby so I downloaded some iBook apps and audiobooks so I'm currently reading and listening together.

I really recommend this app:
Audiobooks by Spreadsong Inc.
because it gives an amazing range of classics, modern and original audio books completely free. Some of the readers' voices are a little questionable and I do find myself getting the giggles at times but luckily, and unlike other apps I've had, each chapter is read by different people so you don't have to worry about being stuck with that comedy voice and it means the reading doesn't get monotonous.

Anyway I will post straight after this about what I've bought and hopefully some of you will download the app and enjoy it!
Lots of Love, Taz x

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