Friday, 13 January 2012

With The Wind In My Hair And The Sun On My Face.

I went to Saltburn the other morning to clear my head and got some gorgeous shots of the beach and pier. 
I apologise for the watermark but my pictures in the past have turned up on other websites by people trying to pass them off as their own! Cheeky monkeys.

My friend came round yesterday and we made cookies, or rather tried to... they ended up a little more like rock biscuits when we'd finished. But they still tasted good! (kinda.)

I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried a Graze box? A friend told me about it ages ago and I was sent an email for special offers they're doing at the minute. It's like a tiny packed lunch they deliver to you at work or home with four sections in it and a different snack of your choice in each. It looks intriguing but I've never heard from anyone who has actually used it so wondering if it's worth a try. It's meant to be really healthy because you get such little portions but it totally fills you up!

Praise the Lord it is the weekend! 

I love Friday nights because they're so stress-free! Better yet, I thought I was going to have to start another uni assignment over the weekend but I actually have a week longer than I thought so rest and relaxation is my plan for the next couple of days.

I think I'm off to the big shopping park tomorrow so will blog about any gorgey things I might buy!

Until then, look after yourselves...

Lots of love, Taz x

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