Friday, 20 January 2012

There Is No Trouble So Great Or Grave That Cannot Be Much Diminished By A Nice Cup Of Tea. - Bernard-Paul Heroux

So this is my new favourite place in the world to go! 

It's called The Olde Young Tea House and it's just so cute! It's set up almost like an old sweet shop with jars of flavoured tea on the shelves, you go up, have a sniff of them, and take the one you fancy up to the counter.
The whole place is decorated with vintage things and everything is mismatched! 

They have all kinds of flavours, there's fruity ones like mango and strawberry... and spicy ones like oriental spice... nutty ones like sweet almond... mystical ones like sleeping beauty... and these amazing flower ones that come in a clear teapot, they start off as a bulb and you pop them in the water, then after a couple of minutes they grow in the tea and spread out showing all their petals! We were amazed!

I took so many photos, I'm terrible for it! 

Me and a couple of my friends went on Monday, and we couldn't help going again today! We've been talking about it all week. I think we've agreed it's going to become our second home for between and after lectures!

They also sell some gorgeous stuff, including little bags of the teas you like, and some beautiful jewellery like little teapot earrings. Adorable!

Anyway, here we are at the weekend again, thank goodness.
I hope you all have a wonderful time and I'll post again very soon.

Lots of Love, Taz x

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